A pedal, a waddle and a tootle

27 Apr


Tootlepedal's Blog

Today’s picture shows Alistair’s eagle in  a less threatening posture.  It does show how clever the jointing is on the model.

crouching eagle

The weather turned out to be very nice today in spite of a not very promising forecast and in the absence of Dropscone on golfing business, I got myself up and organised and pedalled round the morning run after breakfast in lonely splendour.  The wind was a bit stronger than yesterday and had moved very slightly so that it was more of a pest coming back.  However, all was forgiven and forgotten in a glorious rush down the last three and a half miles in just over eight minutes with the full strength of the wind behind me.  I reached my maximum speed for the day (30 mph) on a fairly flat piece of road here rather than down any of the earlier hills.

In the absence of scones…

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